Effortless Wellness

Harness the Daoist 3 Treasures to prevent burnout, from the boardroom to the bedroom

Our modern go-go-go lifestyle and work-life is hectic, albeit exciting. For years now we’ve all heard about how important health and wellbeing is to prevent us getting sick and run-down.

In recent times, we’ve also learned the importance of good health and happiness in creating high-performance states we can use at work and at play.

Also, there is more and more work coming out from tantric and related wisdom traditions looking at how to create ‘high-performance’ relationships and sexuality.

However, what I have begun to notice is what I’m calling ‘wellness fatigue‘.

With the increasing desire to prevent us getting sick, pushed by the healthcare industry, we’re increasingly getting tired and burned out trying to keep on top of our health and wellbeing, just so we can prevent our work and busy urban life from burning us out.

You know how this looks…

You wake up tired, run to morning yoga practice, down breakfast smoothie and then rush to work where you have to be ‘on’ all day. While you’re there you smash a salad for lunch and leave feeling drained. But instead of resting you fill your evenings with exercise (sometimes a second yoga class), workshops, meditation classes, ecstatic dance or hop between appointments with your naturopath/acupuncturist/chiropractor/kinesiologist…the list goes on. By the time you arrive home, it’s late and you have to cook a healthy dinner or maybe even just order UberEATS and kick-back on the couch with Netflix because you’re just too exhausted.

It’s become somewhat of a self-perpetuating cycle of DO, DO, DO, GO, GO, GO!

What’s the solution?

Imagine if you could just learn how to prevent burnout in a way that was SIMPLE?!

The alchemical Daoist tradition of healing and health provides a very common-sense, DIY answer to this question. In Effortless Wellness, you’ll be put back into the driving seat and handed the tools to totally overhaul your entire wellness strategy. You’ll save time and money, and free up blocks in your flow caused by the constant mind chatter around what you ‘should’ be doing to thrive.

When the solutions are aligned with your true nature, wellness becomes effortless. It doesn’t need extra collateral energy, and what you need to do simply flows. When it comes to your health, less really is more!


Saturday July 1, 10am – 6:30pm

There will be plenty of breaks scheduled throughout the day.


Pulse – ground floor, 1 Pitt St, Brunswick

What will be happening?

Following the framework of the 3 Treasures – physical body, emotions and energy, consciousness and spirit – we will learn easy methods to nourish and heal these aspects of our whole being.

The workshop will be a combination of sharing, experiential learning, practice, and treatment.

You will learn some healing Qi Gong, there will be a guided meditation and a group acupuncture healing session at the end.

More importantly, we will focus on whatever the individuals present need, so some of the content will be tailored to the group’s needs.

Topics covered:

  • Love, relationships, and sexuality

  • Nutrition and food

  • Movement and exercise

  • Rest and relaxation

  • Meditation – how it works and when it won’t

  • What you can do to prevent burnout

How much?

To put this into perspective, a 2-hour session with me is normally $150. For just $100 (or $80 early bird), you get my expertise for the whole day!

Book now: https://www.trybooking.com/QDTO