NLP and fertility

A queen once ruled her country with an iron fist – she was extremely determined and prided herself of her strength and perseverance. She didn’t like fools and lazy people, and made ever more stringent laws without compassion to punish everyone she thought was like that, which she thought was everyone apart from her. People in her country suffered terribly and unjustly, and finally some amongst them made a petition to a great wizard who lived by the sea.

The wizard went to the palace to see the queen, and placed a spell upon her so she could not speak but only see, hear and feel. He abducted the queen, stripped her of her finery, dressed her in rags and put her out in the worst part of town in the middle of the night. The queen tried to get back into her palace, but dressed as a beggar and being unable to speak, she was driven away by the guards, and so she had to live on the streets in her own kingdom, and she learned for herself just what her laws had done.

Some time later, the wizard lifted the charm; the queen returned to her palace, and lived to become a wise and most beloved ruler.

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NLP is firstly an epistemology – it is the study of how you know what you know. NLP studies the way you take in information from the world, how you describe it to yourself with your senses, filter it with your beliefs and values, and act on the result. As a methodology it provides the means for isolating skills, capabilities and behaviours from their usual contexts, and enables their study, description, and transfer to others.

NLP techniques are used to rewire your brain: in other words, by uncovering your language patterns, habitual behaviours, belief systems and other patterns in your thought processing, NLP techniques can create change at an unconscious level thus allowing profound results, fast and easily – like a ripple effect expanding out to other areas of your life.

Therapeutically, NLP can be used to modify limiting behaviours; even better you can create new, generative behaviours and states that will lead to profound changes in how you live your life. Certainly, NLP has been used with great effect to deal with traumas, phobias, and addictive behaviours. However, with NLP you can also explore your values and beliefs, and develop excellent skills with developing and utilising outcomes. You could choose to build more confidence, or develop time-management skills, or even explore the unconscious purposes behind never attaining that goal (such as losing weight or quitting smoking).


NLP & Fertility

Have you been trying to fall pregnant, and yet continually unable to do so? You go to see doctors, gynaecologists, and fertility specialists, and yet there is seemingly nothing wrong with you. And yet – no results!

In Chinese Medicine, the idea of these ‘invisible’ blocks are a given – except that they are not invisible; to a Chinese Medicine practitioner, the ‘unexplained infertility’ just means others haven’t looked at the whole picture. It is quite common for a skilled practitioner to enquire as to the emotional state and the mindset of the individual – and in the case of fertility, the couple.

In both Chinese Medicine and NLP, the idea that mindset (your thoughts) and state (your emotions) will have an effect on your physiology is part of the whole picture. Given NLP’s predilection with neurological processes, it isn’t a giant leap to see the connection of the brain here, when two of the most important glands of the endocrine system (the system of glands in the body that synthesise, secrete, and regulate hormones) are situated in the brain: the hypothalamus and the pituitary. When you think about how you are feeling about certain things, it creates neural pathways; when these thoughts are frequent, these pathways get stronger and stronger; and eventually, the habit of thinking follows the same pathways; and then, your body follows suit.

Thus, a pattern is formed, a habit. Habitual thinking; habitual behaviour. And your physiology adapts accordingly.

In Chinese Medicine, all signs and symptoms paint a picture of the pattern you present with. The inability to fall (and/or remain) pregnant is no different: fertility is a natural state for both men and women – any deviation from this suggests an imbalance. And when there appears to be no physiological reason, you may find that there are other reasons: stress, worry, fear, frustration, anxiety, guilt, shame….. all these can be explained by both NLP and Chinese Medicine, and of course be dealt with.

NLP techniques would be used to examine the unconscious assumptions you may have surrounding pregnancy and parenting – for both men and women (see my earlier piece on unconscious blocks a man may have regarding parenting). Perhaps your beliefs and assumptions served you in the past, but they don’t seem to be a resource for you now. In the words of Dr Phil, “Is it working for you?!” When you have all these expectations from yourself and others around you, it can become quite draining to get negative results month after month.

So what is getting in the way of you achieving your outcome of pregnancy?

What are your expectations around the time-frame?

Is falling pregnant completely under your aegis?

When you see others around you getting pregnant, what is that like?

Do you believe you will ever get pregnant?

Is your relationship with your partner suffering?

Has sex become monotonous and losing its oomph?

Your practitioner has instructed you make changes to your diet/lifestyle, and you don’t – what is your intention there?

What other areas of your life are not working?


Peter is a master practitioner who has extensively trained in new code NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and his qualification is from the only fully-accredited NLP course in Australia.

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