What is ZeNLP?

NLP Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne

ZeNLP is the application of Zen Buddhist and Daoist ideas on consciousness and self-development in the context of NLP process-oriented therapy.

The emphasis is on:

  • relationships between our unconscious and conscious minds
  • relationships between the self, others, and contexts
  • the creation of multiple descriptions of the world and the relationship between those descriptions.

How does ZeNLP work?

ZeNLP sessions focus on helping you change your life by changing your mindset. When you have made the appropriate changes, you will have more choices in how you view your world, how you behave and what you want.

Unlike other personal development or coaching sessions, the emphasis is on YOU and what is appropriate for your highest good.

I combine a number of techniques to allow your own true nature to emerge from within. After just a short time, you will know who you are and what your core purpose and values in life are.

Who is ZeNLP for?NLP Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne

  • You feel like things are “not quite right”
  • You have tried to make changes in your life, but nothing has worked so far
  • You believe that you are incapable or unworthy of great things
  • You can’t seem to achieve what you would like to achieve
  • You have a nagging sense that “things could be better”
  • You feel like you can be more successful in your profession or career
  • You have a phobia or trauma that gets in the way of living exceptionally
  • You have an annoying habit, behaviour or addiction that holds you back
  • You don’t really know who you are, what you value, or what your true calling or purpose is

What will ZeNLP do for you?

  • You will feel confident and inter-connected to your world
  • You will make effective changes in your life that are congruent with who you truly are
  • You will have beliefs that make you capable of creating what you want
  • You will achieve appropriate goals and outcomes
  • You will know that everything in your life is awesome
  • You will enjoy success and reward in your chosen profession or career
  • You will be able to face all challenges in life confidently
  • You will have habits and behaviours that allow you to excel in your life
  • You will know who you are, what you value, and what your true calling and purpose is

What can you expect from a ZeNLP session?

Contact me to arrange an initial half-hour conversation by phone (or skype). Here, I will determine the most appropriate way to serve you, and your appointment will be scheduled.

Appointments can last anywhere from 1-2 hours, as I work with you until the desired change is attained. There is no watching the clock!

Ongoing support via phone or email is an important aspect to ZeNLP, as you will embody the the changes over time. It is important that you are fully supported through this process; there is often a period of time where the external changes take time to align with the changes you have made internally.

What is the 5 Elements Model?

What makes my approach to NLP and life-coaching is my use of a framework I’ve developed called the ‘5 Elements Model’. Click here to read all about it.

Do you think you can’t afford this kind of therapy?

If you really need this, but you feel you can’t afford it, a number of payment plans can be arranged.

I want to ensure you get the help you need – so feel free to discuss this with me.

NLP Fitzroy Brunswick Melbourne

Peter Loupelis practices New Code NLP, having trained under Chris & Jules Collingwood of Inspiritive. He holds a Graduate Certificate in NLP, the only fully-accredited NLP qualification in Australia. He has also trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis, and has modelled the fundamental elements of Clean Language/Symbolic Modelling directly from Penny Tompkins & James Lawton, who modelled the process directly from David Grove.

Peter’s previous background in Anthropology, Linguistics, and Counselling as well as his clinical experience as an Acupuncturist, and his educational experience as a tertiary-level Lecturer provide the perfect background for his studies and practices in NLP. 

To make an appointment to see Peter complete the enquiry form and call 03 9028 8912 now.