Why am I closing True Nature Wellness?

So I made a big decision.

After 7 years in full-time clinical practice, I am retiring from it.

In Daoist & Confucian philosophy, every person has within them a “true nature”. For many it is buried under layers of conditioning. Enculturation, family patterns, social beliefs, education, trauma, and so on get layered onto our Being.

Associated with this notion is that of ming, or purpose. One’s purpose in life is largely the outwards expression of their true nature. Put another way, your true nature will largely influence and determine your sense of purpose.

The inner tradition of Chinese Medicine posits that illness comes about when our conscious Self is disconnected from our true nature and purpose. The physical body is stressed and traumatised when it is made to exist in states that are removed from the genuine state of ease (wu wei) that is lived when your outer life is aligned with your internal life.

So, seeking good health is actually the by-product of seeking to live a life aligned with our purpose and true nature.

This was precisely the intention behind naming my business True Nature Wellness. My goal has always been to be the guide, shining the light in the darkness for those seeking to find themselves again.

I didn’t do it my way

And this is precisely why I can no longer practice as a full-time clinician. Because this is not my way.

It has become increasingly obvious to me that I cannot fulfil my purpose, according to my values, offering my services in the traditional model of 1-on-1 patient-practitioner servicing.

It feels as if I am always putting out spot fires, attending to the illnesses of people who do not wish to examine the deeper aspects of their Self to find the root of their disharmony.

This is completely fine for people who wish to do good old-fashioned doctoring, and I honour their gifts and desires to do so. That is not my way, however.

To be fair, this is only a minority of the patients I see; most of my clients are there to do the work, and step up week after week, month after month, stripping away another layer of conditioning, and trauma, and pain, and grief…. each session bringing them closer and closer to their true self.

I am fascinated with how illness ‘magically’ disappears when these psycho-emotional issues are dealt with appropriately. I’ve certainly experienced it myself.

There is quite a bit of evidence showing the shamanic roots of Chinese Medicine, dating to the pre-historic times. Ancient Chinese culture placed more value on ancestor-worship and seeing the sacred in localised natural phenomena, rather than deities and gods. The naturalist metaphors of this medical system to describe physiology and pathology reflect this origin.

When I work in this manner, I get results. Fast.

However, this cannot be done under the normal, clinical model.

A new, old model of wellness

acupuncture brunswick fitzroy melbourne chinese medicineAccording to the 7th Century physician Sun Simiao, personal responsibility for your own health was of prime importance to healing and wellness. His opinion has influenced the course of Chinese Medicine since then.  This is why I have a picture of him in our treatment room.

He is famous for stating that in ALL cases of illness, the patient should first make changes to their diet, their lifestyle, their sleep patterns, and their movement/exercise regime.

Once these changes had been implemented and the illness was seen to continue, only then would medicine be applicable.

His wisdom rings true even today, with most of the illnesses debilitating our population here in Australia being disorders of diet, lifestyle, exercise, and mindset.

We are an over-medicated population, time-poor, and wanting instant results. Even with the growing trend of natural and alternative medicine, we are merely replacing pharmaceutical medicines for nutraceutical ones.

True, medicines are necessary; but only after the life changes have been made. Pain, illness, depression – these are signs that your Unconscious Mind (your true nature) is sending you to say, “things need to change – please do so immediately!”

Finding true nature

The nature of my work from here on needs to reflect my values and intentions to see real, effective change at deeper levels with my clients.

It means spending more time in sessions (hours) over shorter time-frames (weeks). Which is what I’ve been working towards with the development of #ReVITALISE and #ReJUVENATE programs.

40-60 minutes of acupuncture is just the tip of the iceberg to effect real, effective, and lasting change. Most of the work has to be done outside of the clinic, and mostly by the patient.

This is how we peel away the layers of conditioning to find the true nature of you.

So no – I’m not leaving Chinese Medicine.

Qi Gong courses will continue. Treatment programs will continue. Workshops in self-care and self-healing will continue.

I’m continuing to honour my values and my purpose as a professional healer.

I am continuing to see clients and work with them to achieve what they want from health, wellness, and life.

I’m just going to do that in a very different way.

I’m committing myself to see you get the VERY BEST in alternative health care.

The conventional model of weekly sessions does not reflect the way I work. Nor is it an effective way for most of my patients.

Watch this space for the unfolding developments….